Introduction of animal Husbandary Asscociation of VietNam (AHAV)

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Introduction of animal Husbandary Asscociation of VietNam (AHAV)
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 Introduction of animal Husbandary Asscociation of VietNam (AHAV)


Establish pursuant to the Decision No. 127 dated 19 April 1991 of the Government



1. Animal Husbandry Association Of Vietnam (AHAV) is the largest social career organization and the earliest established organization in livestock and veterinary industry, operating on a national scale.


2. Being the organization representing the voice of the members activities related to the livestock sector includes individuals, organizations (Vietnam and abroad).  


3. Being responsible for proposing, counseling, counter arguing and assessing:


- Develop and promulgate policies, mechanisms and other legal documents; regulations, sectorial and national standards related to the livestock industry.


- Business planning, strategies, programs, schemes, projects ... related to the livestock industry at the level of ministry and province and city.


- Consult about construction and replicate the model of livestock’s biosecurity, follow VIETGAP standards, the production model, the new business, the linking value chain in livestock contribute to sustainable development, increase the value, and enhance the competitiveness of the livestock sector.


4. Participation in scientific and technological research; organization of training, conferences, seminars... to transfer the science, new technology and disseminate the knowledge for livestock farmers.


5. Protect the legitimate interests of livestock farmers and consumers.


6. Implement the Public Service related to the livestock sector.


7. Representatives to participate in international activities related to the livestock sector; participate as a member of international organizations


8. Publish the publications to provide information about the mechanisms, new policies, the production, domestic and foreign markets, the results of scientific research, breeding technology; introduction of the production model, business, new technological application through: Journal of Science and Technology of Animal Husbandry, Specialty livestock of Vietnam, website under Livestock Viet Nam’s management.




A. Unit of Central Association:


1. Office of Central Association in Hanoi


2. Representative office in Ho Chi Minh City


3. National Research and Breeding Technology Institute (VNASTI)


4. Center of Advisory, Training and Livestock’s Transfer of Technology (CAAT)


5. Journal of Science and Technology of Animal Husbandry


6.   Vietnam Livestock Magazine (


B. Unit members: Currently there are 30 provincial associations, 22 branches with 18,000 members and over 200 organizations as members, including many units of research, training and agricultural encouragement; companies, farms, farming cooperatives, production units of feed, veterinary drugs; slaughtering, processing, sales and livestock services with over 100 members who are experienced professionals in scientific and technological activities and economic manager specializing in breeding.




Address: Floor 4, 73 Hoang Cau Street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi; Phone: 84 4 38691511, 38687708; Fax: 84 4 38691511; Email:

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